storm flock (2018)

storm flock explores themes of group belonging and individual expression.

Mikvah (2019)

I. Living Waters (Mayim Chayim)

II. Understanding of the Daughter (Serach Bitah)

Mikvah explores the Jewish ritual bath as a space of intergenerational connection and spiritual embodiment. The symbolic and spiritual significance of water in Judaism is physicalized by two dancers bathing another on stage.

Mandelbrot’s Elegy, or Breaking Waves Reflect the Light (2019)

Mandelbrot’s Elegy, or Breaking Waves Reflect the Light explores mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot’s notion of fractals as a universal pattern. As human beings, we are all inextricably interconnected to each other and the natural world.

Christmas Morning (2020)

Christmas Morning is set to Liverpudlian poet Adrian Henri’s Talking After Christmas Blues. The solo piece premiered at the Christian Street YMCA in South Philadelphia.

Mi Shebeirach (2021)

Mi Shebeirach premiered at Mascher Space Cooperative’s 2021 Fresh Juice Festival and was performed again at the 2021 Flair Dance Festival at FringeArts Theater. The piece embodies the Jewish prayer for healing as the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.

When Our Time Comes (2021)

“But what is the past? Could it be, the firmness of the past is just illusion? Could the past be a kaleidoscope, a pattern or images that shift with each disturbance of a sudden breeze, a laugh, a thought? And if the shift is everywhere, how would we know?…In time, there are an infinity of worlds.”-Alan Lightman, Einstein’s Dreams.

two friends talk about time (2021)

Collaboration with Brooch Solomon

How did your past self pave the way for your present self? How does it feel when time slows down? What does your future self need you to understand? Are we there yet? What was important to past you, and is it still important now? What grief will you walk through on your way to the future?

When Our Time Comes and two friends talk about time both premiered at Fidget Space as part of Poetico Dance Collective’s performance as part of the 2021 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Through the Looking Glass (2022)

Collaboration with Brooch Solomon

Through the Looking Glass is an improvisatory, chance-procedure based work on the theme of seeing and being seen. The piece plays with disrupting traditional notions of spectatorship in dance and aims to make the audience question how their perception impacts the performance. 

Through the Looking Glass premiered at Mascher Space Cooperative’s 2022 Fresh Juice Festival.