Children’s Classes

Olivia was extremely fortunate to begin her early dance education in Lower Manhattan, with the renowned dance educator Ellen Robbins. Robbin’s emphasis on creative movement as a means of self-expression for young children had a lasting impact on Olivia’s own understanding of dance. She subsequently trained at the Peridance school, as well as the acclaimed Alvin Ailey School for 6 years. In 2019, Olivia graduated with a BA in Dance from Hunter College. The post-modern legacy and compositional focus of the Hunter College Dance Department had a formative effect on Olivia as both a choreographer and dance educator. Being in the studio with esteemed Hunter College faculty, all of whom are experienced dance artists in their own right, also exposed Olivia to different dance teaching styles and methodologies.

She utilized all of these experiences when creating an outline for a children’s dance class, in which the kinesiological fundamentals of movement are taught through imaginative games and exercises. After two years giving private lessons to children aged 3-9 years old in New York City, Olivia relocated to Philadelphia, where she currently teaches a K-2nd grade “Creative Dance and Ballet” class at University City Arts League. Olivia strongly believes that dance can empower children by promoting creative self-expression and improving cognitive, behavioral, and social skills.

Olivia is offering online private dance lessons for kids aged 4-8 by private appointment. Her pedagogical intention is to instill in students the joy of movement, by emphasizing creativity, imagination, and personal agency. Students gain coordination and body awareness through creative dance and ballet and contemporary movement fundamentals. Using dance educator Anne Greene Gilbert’s Brain Dance framework, students are led through a warmup, a creative movement exercise, ballet/contemporary dance skill-building, and a cool down. Movement skills are taught with the intention of fostering anatomically correct musculoskeletal alignment, as well as promoting proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness. Throughout the class, skills and concepts are taught through strategically structured games and creative exercises. Students are frequently offered “dancer’s choice,” and given simple, age-appropriate choreographic exercises to affirm their agency and channel their natural creativity. Olivia hopes that all participating students leave with improved coordination, self-confidence, and a love of dance.

Adult Classes

In Spring 2021, Olivia offered adult movement classes through Poético Dance Collective, including a site specific choreography workshop and a sunset Movement Meditation class.

In Spring 2022, Olivia plans to offer adult movement classes through Mascher Space Cooperative. Stay tuned or reach out via email for more information.